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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

After Life


Colorful Kayaks
Jenner, California

My mom's brother died today. Five weeks to the day, after Scott. He was living in an assisted living facility. They wouldn't allow any visitors, not even his son, or my Uncle's dog. They couldn't even visit him from the other side of the fence anymore because of COVID restrictions. He got depressed and didn't want to go on.

This afternoon, I attended my first bereavement support group. It was comforting. So many people. So many partners lost. I asked the group members what they do at night. I explained the nights are a nightmare for me, a darkness of despair.  There were 34 attendees on the Zoom Group today. Almost all of them binge watch Netflix at night. I found out the dark comedy "After Life" about a husband losing his wife to cancer is pretty right on.

Tonight, I watched two episodes of "After Life" on Netflix with my mom.

Sometimes it helps to watch a show where the writer and actor "get it".  Ricky Gervais gets it.

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