Friday, December 11, 2020

Building Blocks

Mom and Fawn
with Scott in Washington

"This morning the doe speaks to her young 
outside the window.
I do not know what is said but listen,
their love is great as ours
-Linda Hogan
The Radiant Lives of Animals

My friend wrote back and agreed to my request to send her books that I think she will love. She said she will send me a book as well, if she reads one I might enjoy.

I've had a book exchange going with my friend B for years now, she likes different kinds of books than my new book exchange friend.

There is no pressure, stress, or timing in our book exchanges. It happens if and when it happens.
Now, when I read books, I have two friends to think about while I am reading. Is this something they will like? When I am reading, I will not feel alone, I will be thinking about my friends as well.

This brings a much needed sweetness and care into my life.

It is a small building block for my future. One block at a time, I must build a new life here. A new beginning, one block at a time.


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