Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Discovering Lemons on the Road

General Vallejo's Home
Sonoma, California

I need to get out everyday to preserve my sanity. Before I met Scott, I was always traveling along the back roads by myself discovering new places with my dogs on my days off and even more so when I owned my pet sitting business. With Scott, of course, we rarely missed a day exploring the back roads.

This afternoon, the car guided me to the town of Sonoma and General Vallejo's Home. Earlier this year, Scott spent a precious day with his daughter hiking the trails, it was the first time I met her. We had lunch afterwards at a cafe in the center of town. I will always remember that day. It was beautiful to see them talking and being in nature together.

Today, it was another emotionally challenging day. Visiting this park, memories and a quiet sadness surfaced and lingered as I walked the grounds. 

After my walk, there was a bright moment when a "feral" cat whom the park rangers warned me not to pet, "she bites" approached me.  That didn't deter me and the cat. I found a spot on a porch near the fountain that I knew would entice her and sure enough it did. I found a comfortable spot on the stairs to sit. The smokey blue tortoiseshell cat with a clipped ear proving she had been trapped and spayed sauntered up the steps and almost into my lap purring away.  I petted her head and scratched behind her ears as we watched the fountain bubble and splash in the shadows and light of the fading sun.

As I left the park, the ranger offered me citrus from the meyer lemon tree. Back at home, I sliced a small piece to add to my ice water. I feel like I can go back to the park again, there might be a cat there waiting for me. 

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