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Wednesday, December 23, 2020


"A Truly Beautiful Book"
-Elizabeth Gilbert

12/23/2020:  I am happy to announce there has been a first reader who emailed me for this book. I will be giving more books away in the future on the blog. Stay tuned as they say! Thank you to everyone who emailed me:)

I don't watch television and I am extremely selective when it comes to watching movies or a series. I find my comfort and hope in books. Books are an escape for me into another world, into another's heart and creative mind. 

I just finished reading Wintering by Katherine May. It's a lush book that kept my interest through-out.

I am giving this book away to the first reader from my blog who emails me. Please mention the name of the book since I will be doing more giveaways.

The book giveaway is a way for me to give at this time. I have been given so much over the years and especially since Scott's passing. 

It helps me feel good to give something back. This is a way I can give on a small scale within my budget and my energy at this time.

Good luck to the receiver of Wintering.



Unknown said...

I enjoy reading your blog and always enjoy having a book recommendation. I have ahouseful of books, and that has been a Blessing during this covid mess!!

I know this season is difficult for you, and my prayer is "May your pleasant memories help heal your loss." Thanks for sharing your life.

Mary Ann Cauthen

Janet Hamilton said...

Thank you for your kind words and beautiful message Mary Ann. Yes, books are a blessing!

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