Saturday, January 2, 2021

Be Love

Puget Sound
Our Trip to Washington
Scott & Janet

"See it, believe it, be it." 

One of my wise, thoughtful people who read my blog sent this to me as a New Year's mantra and I love it. Immediately, when I read "See it, believe it, be it."  I thought of LOVE. That is what I want to see, believe, and be this New Year and for whatever time I have on this Earth.

It's no doubt a challenge. My heart gets blocked when I feel too much pain and disappointment, but I am working it through, allowing the pain to transform me.

"See it, believe it, be it"

When I am down, or losing hope. I want to look for love, believe in love, and give love. For me, this really is the true purpose of being here.

"What is your inside is your outside,
And what you see on the outside,
You see revealed on the inside".

-The Thunder, Perfect Mind 4:30-31

My readings from Mary Magdalene Revealed by Meggan Watterson

I haven't created a New Year's resolution for years. This morning, I have found one that works for me. 

Thank you Ernie.



Susan said...

I read this today and thought of you...

Janet Hamilton said...

Thank you Susan. I could totally relate to John's post. I appreciate you sending it over:)