Tuesday, January 26, 2021

We are all Together

Grey Squirrel

The wind is howling, the rain is coming down. It's pitch black, cold, outside. I am getting a warm feeling, smiling inside knowing how comfortable our neighborhood squirrel is in his nest made of planting material and shredded palm tree bark. Watching him this afternoon gather materials (plunder:) to build a warm, safe, secure nest for himself and maybe a partner, was something I will always remember. We are all on this Earth together trying to make it work, trying to have a good life, even this little squirrel (his life is precious to him). I am grateful, I have slowed down my life over the years, and learned how to appreciate the miracle of life, by living with the animals. Scott and I spent hours and hours everyday watching wildlife, and now here I am, continuing to share our love of nature. This is one of the big reasons I love this planet.



Henny Penny said...

I've always loved squirrels. Bet his nest will be cozy and warm.

Janet Hamilton said...

Henny Penny, I'm curious to see him today, to see how he did last night. The wind was sure blowing!