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Monday, January 18, 2021

What is Working

One of our favorite spots in Crescent City
with Scott
Northern California

What is working, what is not, on this journey living alone again

What is Working:

-Going out in nature everyday
-Taking photos
-Bird watching
-Reading books
-Writing on my blog sharing my experiences and photos
-Reading letters and emails from readers of this blog
-Sending out books and cards to my friends and readers of this blog
-Listening to the music on my CALM app
-Doing the morning meditations on my CALM app
-Using all of the tools on my CALM app
-Lighting the candle on our altar everyday
-Remembering all of the good memories I shared with Scott
-Choosing happiness and what I am grateful for today
-Keeping my heart and mind open to see with all my senses the signs and connections from this world and the world behind the veil, knowing we are all connected as one, one Love
-Following the light and colors everyday
-To be excited about the mystery and magic unfolding every moment
-One on one walks and conversations with friends and relatives
-Picnics by myself at the park with my book and good memories and feelings allowing the sadness to come when it needs to
-Knowing I have Scott, Angels, and Guides walking beside me everyday and watching over me at night wanting me to live fully while I am here
-Remembering and knowing that LOVE is infinite, is the purpose of being here, and how I have been held through this entire experience losing Scott even though sometimes I feel like I am doing it all by myself

What is not working:

-reading the news, any news
-having a glass of wine, one glass is too much
-watching television or binge watching Netflix
-thinking about what I have lost, what is missing in my life
-stuffing down feelings 
-closing my heart to not feel the pain
-wasting my life here while I'm here by not wanting to be here
-worrying about losing my connection to Scott
-family gatherings-they hurt too much without Scott
-feeling disconnected, like I am by myself, when I know I am not


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