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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

At Peace with Cows

Meditations with Cows
by Shreve Stockton

“Whether they realized it or not, they were doubting possibility, and the unknown. They believed I would fail. And when we only believe what has been said before, what has been done before, we give our own power away. Possibility evaporates; potential melts and seeps away deep into the earth below us. We cut ourselves short by thinking this way. I have always felt that it is from what we believe that our lives are created, not the other way around.”
― Shreve Stockton, The Daily Coyote: Story of Love, Survival, and Trust In the Wilds of Wyoming

One of my dreams, probably, my number one dream is to have a farm or ranch again. Or at least live at one. Right now, my dream is out there, manifesting in some form or another.

For now, I am enjoying being transported to a ranch in Wyoming by Author Shreve Stockton's graceful, heartfelt, descriptive, and compassionate writing of her life raising an orphan coyote, her bond and love for her cow Daisy along with all of her other animals and her cowboy boyfriend. 

I feel like I am right there with her when she's milking her cow, nestling on the top of one of her bulls who she gently rides on top his back as he ambles about the paddock and her stories moving from San Francisco on her way to New York, landing on a ranch, instead.

A great writer can transport and take you with them to another place and time living along side them. She does it.

Thank you Carolyn for letting me know about Shreve Stockton. 



Becky Wells said...

When I first found "The Daily Coyote" I read every single post in one night. Shreve is incredible and I can't wait to read her book. I'm hoping it comes to my library soon. Becky

Janet Hamilton said...

Becky, You are welcome to have my copy when I am finished with it. Just email me:) Janet

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