Monday, February 22, 2021

Creating Affirmations this Morning

Zurri Muse
How to make a Positive Meditation Script

This morning, I created my own personalized meditation script of positive affirmations by following Zurri Muse's guidance and process in the video I am sharing on this post here

She uses dreams, readings, and life experiences to show you how to create your own personalized meditation.

I found it very helpful. I created my personalized meditation script to help me when I am feeling low about myself and my life situation.  I tend to go into a negative space when I am expanding my life and making positive changes. I feel guilt, fear, and limiting thoughts when I move forward into positive change creating my life of dreams.

Part of my script this morning looked like this:

I am one with Joy
I am one with Peace
I am one with my Purpose
My Spirit Guides love me and hold me at all times

I am going to add this positive affirmation script to my morning meditation to help me through-out the day.







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