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Monday, February 15, 2021

Mystical Hike


This Morning's Hike
Sonoma County

On the way home from a day out with my sister, I told her the only way I'm going to make it. The only way I'm going to keep going after losing Scott is three things. 

Staying in the Now
Blogging to share my writing and photos 

Raptor I spotted after our hike

I just have to focus on my walks in nature, the now, and the blog. I am not worrying about the future, how I'm going to support myself, and how I'm going to get through this. I have three things to do and that's all, the rest will unfold along the path.  

In the meantime, while I focus on my three meditations of nature, now, and blog, I appreciate and I am incredibly grateful for this gift, the gift of Earth that keeps on giving every single moment of the day, this beauty, that I can lose myself in, that opens my heart, and keeps me going one step into her wonder at a time.

I step into wonder one moment at a time.

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