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Saturday, February 20, 2021


Hawk in Flight 
Bodega Bay, California

I just finished reading two short stories my friend Shugri Salh posted on her blog. One of the stories "The Man Who Came to Rape Me" is another powerful story that I am sure many women can relate to, including myself.

I've had a few experiences myself over the years where I was stalked, grabbed, and attacked on separate occasions, and almost raped. I believe this has been the experience for many women if not most. It has been a subject that is taboo to write and speak about. In all of the get togethers, socials, and friendships I have shared with women, few confide in the brutality, abuse, and misogyny predator men practice at home, in the workplace, social situations, in and outside of the public.

Here's an excerpt of my friend Shugri's experience in the story "The Man Who Came to Rape Me".


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