Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Shugri's Short Stories


Sonoma County
Northern California

I promised to share my friend Shugri Salh's storytelling. This morning, I read a couple of her short stories on her blog. One of the stories "The Creepy Professor" hit me hard. It reminded me of encounters with men that I've had myself, leaving my skin crawl.  

My friend Shugri is a courageous Writer and Author. I hope you will find the time to read her writing. Her voice is powerful and true. 

I am going to make myself a cup of rose tea and spend my morning reading Shugri's short stories on her blog. 

Here's an excerpt from one of her stories "The Homeless Man" . I encourage you to subscribe to her blog to follow her writing and publishing of her new book The Last Nomad at  Shugri Salh

“Hi! Hello!” I called to the homeless man who had once captured my imagination. I waved frantically trying to gain his attention, not worrying about what my neighbors might think. He crossed to my side and stood in front of my house respectfully and waited on me.  

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