Thursday, February 11, 2021

Sleep Well

Town of Occidental
Yesterday Morning
Northern California

Last night after talking with my sister on the phone and reading, I fell asleep with the window open to the night sky. The cold snap of winter kept me cool through-out as I am still experiencing bursts of hot flashes on and off. Poor Scott. When we slept together in our bed, I would freeze him out sometimes with my open windows.

Before slipping into sleep, I read an article posted on The Guardian about people who are sleeping better, reading more, and their attention span has improved since quitting social media. I can relate to the article "I get better sleep: the people who quit social media" 

Since deleting my social media accounts, quitting television, and web surfing, I have found my attention span and retention improve greatly. I am reading several books a month, spending more time in nature, making new friends, and my spiritual life is deepening.

Yesterday, my friend Shugri sent me a short story that she wanted me to read before she posts. Her short story on friendship was powerful and full of emotion. I felt so much when I read her words. As soon as she completes this story, I hope to share it here on the blog, so you can experience her gift of storytelling.

Today, it is cold and rainy. I might stay home. I am undecided. 


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